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Irrigation Services in the DC Metro Area, Northern VA, and MD

At Hydro-Tech Irrigation Company, we can help you conserve water and save money by providing expert advice. When watering a lawn, if it is not done correctly, a large amount of water can be wasted and can damage your grass. Too much watering can damage grass roots and will prevent your lawn from developing deep roots, which are needed during the cold winter months. Watering during extreme heat also wastes water because the water is evaporated quickly, before it can penetrate into the roots of the grass. Having irrigation systems in Washington DC and surrounding areas installed will enable you to give your lawn the exact amount of water it needs, which can save you time and money while helping conserve water usage.

Install Lawn Sprinkler Systems

The typical home uses approximately 260 gallons of water daily with 30 percent of that being used for watering lawns and gardens. Experts have estimated about half of the water used for landscaping purposes is wasted because of evaporation and runoff that results from too much watering. Installing a lawn sprinkler system can help you save about 270 gallons per week; that’s the equivalent of the average household in the United States not using any water for an entire 24 hours.

Three Tips to Help You Save

We love and appreciate the beauty of nature and we want you to have an amazing looking lawn while preserving water and saving you money. The following tips are designed to help your plants and grass obtain the necessary amount of water:

  • Water your outdoor plants and grass early in the morning, the ideal time is between 3 and 4 in the morning. Watering outdoors in the middle of the day causes most of the water to evaporate and watering at night can cause mold and various plant diseases to grow.
  • When you water, make sure that you are not watering the sidewalk or driveway.
  • The larger the plant is, the bigger its roots will be. Water plants with large roots, such as trees and shrubbery, for longer periods of time, but less frequently as you would water short root plants like grass and flowers. Plants with large roots can retain a lot of water for longer periods of time and do not require daily water.

Winterize Your Sprinkler System

Hydro-Tech Irrigation, Co. offers exceptional services for winterizing sprinkler systems. It is important to make sure your sprinkler system is prepared to endure colder temperatures during the winter. Proper winterized irrigation systems will prevent pipes from cracking due to frozen, expanding water that remains in the pipe. These types of cracks will require extensive repairs the following spring season. Save yourself time and money by investing in a quality winterizing service. There are several methods we use to remove remaining water in the sprinkler system, and our team of experienced technicians will determine which is best based on your specific system. Contact us today to schedule a service for your sprinkler system.

What is Core Aeration?

Why do I need it?

Core aeration is the removal of small cores of soil and thatch from your lawn.

Aeration is beneficial for your lawn in a number of ways. Aeration will overcome compacted soil. Compacted soils make it difficult for roots to grow, limiting the movement of air, moisture and fertilizer through the soil.

Aeration will reduce your water requirements. By relieving soil compaction, water penetration is increased and water run-off is reduced.

How’s it done?

Give us a call, we’ll do the rest.

Specifically designed aeration equipment consists of a series of hollow coring tines. When these tines are rolled over the lawn, they puncture the soil, systematically removing small soil plugs.

The cores of soil and thatch are pulled up by the machine and left on the lawn, as they contain beneficial microorganisms that will help to break down the remaining thatch.

They will disappear back into the lawn in about seven to ten days or with the first mowing.

After the aeration is completed your lawn will be overseeded with premium grass seed. Problem areas will be hand raked and seeded.

If you have any questions or need some lawn irrigation advice, call Hydro-Tech Irrigation Company.

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